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This website is to explain common troubles and concerns, and to give solutions to international sellers on Japanese E-commerce platforms.

If you are planning to export and sell your producsts in Japan, this is the perfect website to help you!


Check this website if you...

  • have no friends or partners in Japan,
  • do not speak Japanese,
  • have no importer in Japan,
  • don’t know anyone you can ask questions in Japan,
  • want to sell on Amazon Japan, or
  • are looking for a logistics partner.

Importing Non-Regulated Items

Those who exports their products into Japan need importers, as their consignee, who are resident in Japan.  In some cases, however, exporters do not have reisdent importers OR buyers cannot become their importers.

Do you have importers in Japan in your shipping plan?  If not, Attorney for Customs Procedures(ACP) may be your solution.  Check the below link.

Importing Regulated Items

Food, drugs, cosmetics, electric appliances and other high-risk products are regulated by applicable laws for consumer safety.  Importing these items require Japanese importers who are liable for product safety, and overseas companies cannot import these in their names.


Then how can this be solved?  Our website will provide explanation for thse laws and solutions to these issues.

We Can Help You if You....

are a new cross-border online sellers but don't know how to imort goods in Japan.

Many online sellers know how to run shops, but may lack knowledge on import/export.  This website provides basic information to help new sellers/exporters in simple words.

plan to sell in Japan but have no local importers or friends to help out.

If you have no importer in Japan, you need a good partner who can work as your ACP in Japan.  We can provide you with our professional logistics   service for delivery, too.

know that they need ACP or IOR, but do not know what these are.

This website is run by real pros who have long been helping non-resident importers.  You can learn how to import goods based on their experience handling those shipments and working with the customs authorities.

are concerned if your merchandise is regulated in Japan.

In this webiste, we provide information on the major regulations on food, cosmetics, electric appiances and alcoholic beverages, which can commonly cause issues for e-commerce sellers.

are looking for a logistics partner in Japan.

This website is useful in learning how to find good logistics providers, as well.  Meet a good partner, save your time and costs, and focus on growing your own store and business!!

want to sell on FBA Japan.

FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) is the most common distribution channel that readers of this website aims to.  Join us, and be a successul seller there!

Our Mission is to Support Your Import Experince to Optimize Your Success in Japan.

Welcome to Selling in Japan website.

As the world becomes borderless, and cross-border e-commerce grows, we see an increasing number of foreign companies selling their inventory stored in Japan.  The most common trouble that they experience is the lack of importers, who will be responsible for the imported goods in Japan, because you cannot basically import goods in Japan without a resident importer in Japan.

Then what can we do?  In this website, you can learn through experienced professioals how to solve issues that new comers into Japan sales may often face.

User Voices

ACP system helped us import for FBA and Rakuten.

We are a mobile accessory company based in Korea, selling products through Amazon in Japan.

In starting a business without a corporation in Japan, there was a difficulty in reporting import, but Aikou played the role of ACP (import customs clearance and issues) well, which helped us to achieve great business growth.

Recently, we also entered the Rakuten platform and started our business. In the preparation process, Aikou was very helpful in how to report income and write C/I, so the process is proceeding without major issues.

We expect our business in Japan to flourish even more in the future.

SPIGEN KOREA: http://www.spigen.co.kr/

Our ACP has been key in our overall supply chain strategy! 

Yoga Design Lab

We have been using ACP(Attorney for Customs Procedures) to import our Yoga products that we sell on FBA(Fulfilment by Amazon), and they have been key in our overall supply chain strategy!

Having someone on our team to help us navigate some of the legal requirements of shipping and clearing goods into Japan has been a huge benefit. Not only can I rely on our ACP to clear our goods, but their clear prompt communication has been fantastic! They've also more recently assisted us to register in more Japanese ports and even this process has been really smooth! We're so grateful for their service and expertise!

Yoga Design Lab: https://www.yogadesignlab.com/

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