Here are the cases that our website can help.

New cross-border online sellers who do not know how to import goods in Japan.

Many online sellers know how to run shops, but may lack knowledge on import and export.

Don't worry!  We pick up only basic information that new sellers/exporters will need to know, with simple words and lots of visual guides.

Sellers to Japan without local importers or friends to help out.

If you are selling non-regulated items, you can import them yourselves as non-resident importers by appointing an Attorney for Customs Procedures (ACP).  If you aim to sell regulated items, this website will give you guidance on what law will be applicable, and how you can find solutions.

We also explain the specific procedures and documents required to be ready to import your merchandise, and also refer some service providers to help you out.

Traders who heard that they need ACP or IOR, but do not know what these are.

ACP and IOR are two terms often used by cross-border e-commerce sellers.  What are they?  What are the differences?

ACP stands for Attorney for Customs Procedures, and is a system to enable overseas sellers import products into Japan without Japanese importers.  Then what about an IOR?  This is one of the common questions asked by international sellers, and this website provides you with answers to such queries.

This website is run by professionals with long experience supporting non-resident importers.  You can learn how to import goods based on their experience handling those shipments and working with the customs authorities.

Foreign sellers whose items may be restricted under import or sales regulations in Japan.

Some popular items for cross-border e-commerce are actually regulated, due to high risk for consumer safety.  Those items include food, cosmetics, electric appliances.

This website explains the major laws and regulations that can often be issues among e-commerce sellers in Japan.  It also shows approximate time and costs required, in order to help you with effective business planning.

Foreign sellers to Japan who look for logistics partners.

Finding a good shipping company is one of the keys to your business success in Japan.  It will greatly help you if you have a reliable partner that can provide one-stop solution combining compliance and logistics service.

Learn how to find good shipping companies through this website.

Overseas sellers selling on FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) Japan

FBA(Fulfilment by Amazon) is the most common distribution channel for our readers.

We have experience helping hundreds of new FBA sellers exploring Japan market.  Read this website, and be the next one to succeed there!

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