How to Import PSE-Regulated Electric Appliances

Electrical Appliances and Material Safety Act (PSE Act)

Many electric appliances are regulated by Product Safety of Electrical Appliances and Materials Act (PSE Act).  Japanese importer must notify to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) in order to sell PSE-regulated appliances.  Importers serve as manufacturers in terms of the product liability, and have to conduct quality control and tracking of each unit sold.  Inspection prior to sales is not sufficient, and the importers have to ensure that each lot is safe and compliant, and be ready for any dispute or legal actions in case of any product deficiency.

METI Does Not Accept Notification from Foreign Entities

PSE marks are allowed only to the companies that has submitted notification to METI, and it's not a certificate system.  METI only allows Japanese companies to be the notifier, in order to have them fulfil the product liability obligations.  Importers have to conduct appropriate quality control measures and show their company name along with the PSE mark on the labels.  Please find a Japanese importer in order to import PSE products.

PSE Scope

For quick reference, here are the basic items regulated by PSE Act.

  • Electric appliance with AC adapters
  • Mobile battery containing cell of which energy density is not less than 400Wh/L
  • Lithium ion battery which energy density is not less than 400Wh/L

Import Process

 PSE items are imported in the following manner.

User Manual and Marketing

Manufacturers and importers are either obliged or advised to state the following information on electric appliance labels, subject to Household Quality Labeling Act and/or Fair Competition Agreement.

  • Company name and address
  • Product name and description
  • Specification
  • The period for which the repair parts remains available
  • The conditions that may influence consumers' purchase decision, i.e., the place where the appliance can be installed, the cost of installment, the condition for use, warranties, etc..

Subject to Act for Promotion of Use of Recycled Resources, the packages also must come with recycling marks.

Expected Costs and Timeline

Notification and quality control : 1,000,000 JPY~/Product

Required Time :  6 to 12 months or more


<PSE Act> Other Possible Concerning Laws

Juicers, coffee makers and other electric appliances with food contact are regulated by Food Sanitation Act.  Check here to learn more about Food Sanitation Act.

<PMD Act> Other Possible Concerning Laws

PMD Act governs distribution of drugs, quasi-drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, etc..  Some electric massagers and beauty device may be regulated by this law, subject to the purpose and function of the device as well as the description on the marketing materials.

Importing and selling medical devices requires pharmaceutical license, which is only granted to qualified companies located in Japan.

Visit this page to learn more about PMD Act.

<IP Laws> Other Possible Concerning Laws

It is prohibited to import items that infringe other people's patent, utility model rights, trademarks, or copyrights.  Make sure that your merchandise is authentic, legitimate and authorized to sell in Japan.

<Radio Act> Other Possible Concerning Laws

Telephones, modems, Bluetooth devices and other appliances that emit electric waves are regulated by Radio Act in Japan.  They must get tested for technical quality conformity by registered certification bodies, and come with what's called Giteki mark and conformity numbers on the labels.

This law was originally intended to control radio stations (commercial, amateur, ship, airline, etc.), and obliged the end users to choose compliant products.  With a growing number of illegal products sold on the market, however, the government has started warning and disclosing the information of the manufactures or importers handling those incompliant products.  Thus, the corporate stance and attitude for compliance are now being challenged and may influence customers' decision making.

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