It may puzzle many people what it is to import products without importers. That is very true, and this sound very confusing to quite a few merchants to start selling in Japan.

In this section, let's see some sample business models in which goods are imported without resident importers for better understanding of this system.


The trade term DDP(Delivered Duty Paid) is chosen when the buyer wants to purchase the goods after the customs are cleared.  When this term is agreed and the buyer expressed their intention to refuse to become importer of the shipment, the overseas seller imports and conducts customs clearance in their name.

Shipping Your Own Property (Internet Servers, Exhibition Displays, etc.)

Overseas companies do not have an importer in Japan when they send Internet servers or exhibition displays, or other property that they continue to own in Japan.  So they need to import such properties s non-resident importers, thus require an ACP to obtain this status.

Exporting Before the Goods are Purchased

When items are imported for consignment sales or online shop that overseas sellers run remotely, they have not been purchased when they arrive in Japan, thus such transaction has no importer in Japan.

ACP system is most commonly used nowadays, because FBA(Fulfilment by Amazon) is a typical model of consignment sales.

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