If you are selling simple non-regulated products, you may be able to import them in your own name without any importer in Japan.  Let's see how you can do it.

Require an importer?  What if I don't have one?

For exporting merchandise to Japan, you must have Japanese importers who is liable for the merchandise.

In some cases, however, exporters do not have resident consignees or buyers who cannot become their importer. For example, 1) DDP Shipments which your client/consignee refuses to be importer of your shipment  2) Shipper/Exporter hold the ownership after the import; such as IT products set in Japan for your own global network (servers, routers, hubs, switches etc.), 3) No buyers are decided when the imports; such as the good for displaying at exhibitions or trade fairs, 4)consignment business like FBA, etc..

Do you have a importer?  If not, click below and learn more about how to become a non-resident importer in Japan.

What is an ACP?

A foreign company or person that has no residency or location in Japan must appoint an ACP(Attorney for Customs Procedures) in order to import goods in its/his/her name.

On behalf of such non-resident person or company, the appointed ACP handles customs procedures, including declaration paperwork, attendance at customs inspection, support of duty payment, and receipt of documents issue by Japan Customs Office.

How to Appoint an ACP

ACP appointment can be completed by the ACP service provider submitting necessary documents required by Japan Customs Office.

In this section, you can learn the specific process and documents, and qualification to appoint an ACP, and the area and scope of such appointment.

Non-Resident Importers' Responsibilities

When you import products in your own country, you do not only receive the goods, but also prepare import customs procedures, pay the duties and taxes, and arrange domestic transportation.

Non-resident importers in Japan are required to perform the same responsibilities as those of resident importers.  What exactly would you have to do?  Let's look at what you would be aware of to import goods in Japan.

Taxes on Non-Resident Importers

Importers have to pay the import tax (duty and VAT), and file sale tax on their busines as well.

What about non-resident importers?  Yes, they have the same responsibilities of paying the import tax and sales tax.

In this section, let's look at step by step, what taxation system you will need to know and how to pay that in order to import goods in Japan.

Model Cases

What busieness model does your import plan fall under?  Will it require an ACP?  We'll see some specific cases that you can use the ACP system.

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