Here are successful examples of some of the sellers who use the ACP service.

Spigen Korea

Based in Korea.  Shipped from Korea.  Products: Smartphone Cases
Selling on Amazon Japan(FBA) and Rakuten

We are a mobile accessory company based in Korea, selling products through Amazon in Japan.

In starting a business without a corporation in Japan, there was a difficulty in reporting import, but Aikou played the role of ACP (import customs clearance and issues) well, which helped us to achieve great business growth.

Recently, we also entered the Rakuten platform and started our business. In the preparation process, Aikou was very helpful in how to report income and write C/I, so the process is proceeding without major issues.

We expect our business in Japan to flourish even more in the future.

About Spigen

Smartphone cases are one of the most popular items exported from Korea, and Spigen is a top company in this field.  After the successful partnership with the Korea headquarters, they expanded their business to work from the US office to use our service.

Their business started on FBA Japan, and now they sell on Rakuten, too.  Currently, many foreign Rakuten sellers ship one by one directly from overseas to individual buyers, however, Spigen is now the first non-resident Rakuten seller to store their inventory in Japan and deliver goods to Japanese buyers from there.  As often used by FBA sellers, ACP is the best solution for this type of shipping model.


Based in US.  Shipped from China.  Products: Yoga Mats.
Selling on FBA Japan, Own online shop, Rakuten, Yoga Studios, etc.

We appointed Aikou Logistics, who operates this website, as our ACP(Attorney for Customs Procedures) to import our Yoga products that we sell on FBA(Fulfilment by Amazon).  And they have been key in our overall supply chain strategy!

Having someone on our team to help us navigate some of the legal requirements of shipping and clearing goods into Japan has been a huge benefit. Not only can I rely on our ACP to clear our goods, but their clear prompt communication has been fantastic! They've also more recently assisted us to register in more Japanese ports and even this process has been really smooth! We're so grateful for their service and expertise!

Yoga Design Lab:

About Yoga Design Lab

Yoga Design Lab is a very popular and  successful brand for the fashionable and quality yoga items.  They are quite successful on Amazon Japan, their own online shop that they run from US, and also sell to many other online and real shops, and yoga studios across Japan.

They use ACP system and import as a non-resident importer to clear the customs for small sellers and gallery shops who cannnot/do not want to be importers.  Such small buyers find it very useful because they can simply purchase the goods as domestic items without worrying about duties and customs paperwork.

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